[Style File] 10 ways to look hip at The Roof in Output this summer

The Roof at Output Style Digg
Image credit: @natasha.linz

Hello rooftop parties in Brooklyn! Oh, how we’ve missed you.

The Roof at Output is the perfect rooftop to attend this summer. From its’ cultural crowd, beautiful outdoor space, to great music and DJs, it’s hard to beat.

So, how do we get stylish with the hippest people at The Roof? Here are some inspirations from the very Instagram style worthy guests below:

A post shared by Courtney Snyder (@csnydzzz) on

1. We Digg: Gucci Belt | Round Mirrored Sunglasses | Floral Pattern crop top

A post shared by Liliya (@lilyelli) on

2. We Digg: Ripped white jeans | Round yellow tinted sunglasses | Lace crop top | Black choker | Floral print maxi skirt

3. We Digg: Round black matte sunglasses

A post shared by Lydia de Billy (@yousonofapunk) on

4. We Digg: Yellow tinted sunglasses | Ripped blue jeans

5. We Digg: Bright color mens shirts | Black low cut bodysuit | High waisted print pants

6. We Digg: deep neck tees for men | Aviator sunglasses

7. We Digg: Red striped Adidas hoodie

8. We Digg: Brooklyn graphic white tee for men | Floral crop top | High waisted blue jeans

A post shared by Tatyana (@teaspb) on

9. We Digg: Graphic tee with high waisted black skirt | Floral crop top | High waisted blue jeans

A post shared by Meghan Roberts ? (@meghroberts) on

10. We Digg: White t-shirt | Aviator sunglasses | Statement earrings

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