[STYLE DIGG] 11 Trendy Looks We Love for Le Bain at the Standard Hotel

Image credit: @nela.bel
Image credit: @nela.bel

If you’re looking for a never-fail trendy place to go dancing with beautiful rooftop views of the city, Le Bain is your destination!

Located at the Standard Hotel, Le Bain encompasses a gorgeous glass widowed rooftop bar, indoor club and jacuzzi pool: it’s secret trademark.

But more than that,, meet the authentic, original NYC styles of this not-so-average to make an appearance venue. But don’t take our word for it. Check out 11 trendy looks from the guests of Le Bain.

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1. WE DIGG: White crop top | Blue ripped jeans

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2. WE DIGG: Graphic Rock-n-Roll tees

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3. WE DIGG: Graphic button down shirt | tan pants

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4. WE DIGG: Metallic top | white leather jacket

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5. WE DIGG: Off the shoulder wrap crop top

6. WE DIGG: Light blazer coats | Skinny pants | Adidas sneakers

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7. WE DIGG: Print high waisted skirt | White body suit

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8. WE DIGG: Print bomber jacket

9. WE DIGG: Back lettering jackets

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10. WE DIGG: Graphic print short sleeve button down shirt | Mirrored aviator sunglasses

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11. WE DIGG: Matching color button down shirt and pants with contrast accents

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